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My Child Myself



Laurie is pleased to be able to offer My Child Myself programs at Hearthstone Childcare. The program supports the culture of home, family and community. Parenting is one of the most profound challenges of our life- the meeting, transforming and becoming our truer self in the task of raising our children and creating our family.


You are invited to experience a new way of learning. Be part of a circle of parents who meet weekly to share parenting experiences, gain new insights, journey through processes and basic colour exercises, that lead toward deeper wisdoms and intuition.


My Child Myself programs are created around a path that is experienced and comes to fruition in 3 terms- Fall, Winter and Spring. Programs can be taken singly or when followed through a series of My Child Myself programs, leads to the awakening of initiative for community.


Cost is $200 per term. A deposit of $50 upon registration is required. Please call to reserve a place.  905-731-0405 or


Facilitated by Beth Currie and Laurie Harper- Burgess.

My Child Myself- Year 1


Child Observation- Fall


Do I really see an object when I look at it or do I just see my reactions and associations? Is the same true when I look at my child? Learn a new way of seeing your child. Practice connecting to your own inner wisdom about parenting. Unlock the door to new intuition about your child and yourself. 


Human Development- Winter


Use the mirror of your own "growing up" to open the door to a new understanding and intuition of your child and yourself. Learn about the stages of human development and how your child is individualizing the universal human journey. 


My Child's Angel- Spring


Behind each of us stands our angel who wishes to give us strength. Find a question about your chlld for which you seek guidance. Learn how to connect to your child's angel who wishes to unite with you and your angel in supporting your child. 


My Child Myself- Year 2


My Child My Karma- Fall


To consider karma is to consider how past lives are still active in your life and relationships, Karma challenges us to new levels of understanding, development and healing. Through the seven weeks we will awaken to our past relationship to our child and build capacities to meet him/her in a new way. Karma exercises wil be facilitated through using clay and pastels. 


My Family My Karma- Winter


Building on the fall term, we now turn to the karma that we have created with family members as a result of past lives. What is the meaning and purpose of this karma? What capacity is needed to meet the situation in a new way? Karma is the heart of transformation work and when taken up with interest and re-newed intentions, it brings healing forces to the 'other' and to ourselves. Transformational exercises are done through working with coloured pastels. 


My Karma My Destiny- Spring


Working with karma develops the capacities of heart sensing and speaking. With growing capacities, the focus now turns to life intention and work. Each new incarnation brings the possibility of awakening to future karma on one's unique destiny path. The final karma term awakens the will and courage to speak the Word within. Clay work will facilitate awakening to out destiny path.

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